About Alumni

The Alumni Association of our college was formally formed in the year 2012, but officially formed and registered on 10-01-2023 with the goal of having a say in certain matters concerning our outgoing students in order to improve the institutions quality enhancement process. The alumni, who have successfully deployed their services in various sectors, formed the executive committee and continued to contribute to the improvement of the quality culture. Our institutes Alumni Association is large and diverse, with members from a wide range of professions. They are employees, employers, entrepreneurs, and technocrats who have excelled in their respective fields.

  • The alumni serve as brand ambassadors in the market, spreading the institutions good name.
  • The alumni committee ensures that alumni are contacted on a regular basis to monitor their progress in their personal and professional lives.
  • The alumni association maintains healthy and informal relationships with alumni in order to solicit their assistance, support, and cooperation.
  • The inputs of former students provided during alumni meetings are always welcome in order to improve academic performance.