Master Pharmacy Pharm Analysis

Master of Pharmacy is a Two year postgraduate Academic Degree which is awarded for a course or program in the field of Pharmacy. This course is endorsed by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) & Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur, A.P. (JNTUA). This course will Expertise candidates with strong analytical skills and provides knowledge for modern techniques of manufacturing medicines and recent developments in drug delivery system as one of its subjects. This course empowers understudies to take part in cutting edge study and exploration nearby assembling of mass medications. Master Degree in Pharmacy provides a candidate with various practical aspects of the research methodologies, instrumental techniques, emerging areas and industrial operations. Nirmala College is offering subject specializations Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Analysis.

PROGRAM SPECIFIC OUTCOMES: Program Specific Outcomes are statements that describe what the Pharmacy graduates should be able to do.


Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)


1.Impart knowledge on the novel drug delivery systems, approaches, criteria for selection of polymers and drugs and their formulation and evaluation.

2. To know various preformulating elements, industrial management and GMP considerations, Pilot Plant Scale Up Techniques, Stability testing, sterilization and packaging of dosage forms.

3. To impart knowledge and skills in generic drug development, various regulatory filings the approval process, and concept of generics across the globe.

4. To impart knowledge and skills for dose calculations, dose adjustments and apply biopharmaceutics theories in practical problem solving. The pharmacokinetic models, bioequivalence and potential clinical pharmacokinetic problem analysis

5. Focuses on research and course work relating to development and production of various dosage forms. 

6. To impart knowledge and skills necessary for cosmetics and cosmeceuticals, their safety and efficacy and current technologies in cosmetic industry

7. To gain knowledge in use of advanced instrumentation, formulation and evaluation of controlled release formulations, floating drug delivery systems, transdermal drug delivery systems, micromeritics, and mathematical simulations.

8. To train the students and develop their technical skill knowledge in computer simulations, population modelings, in vitro and in vivo studies.

9. To create a talent pool by involving students in research projects and to make students undertake research projects under faculty guidance for publication.

10. To foster ambitious desire among students to undertake higher studies and career growth.


1.Understand the basic concepts and advances in analytical techniques and theoretical skills of various analytical instruments.

2. Able to develop skills in selecting suitable techniques for analysis of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

3. To apply the knowledge learnt in developing a new procedure of their own design.

4. To understand validation and its application in industry, their methodologies and application in manufacturing processes

5. Thorough knowledge about quality control, quality assurance of pharmaceuticals and regulatory guidelines

Duration: 02 years

Eligibility: Graduation degree in B.Pharmacy with a minimum of 50% marks from any recognized university or any other institute equivalent to university.



List of Faculty


Name of the Faculty




  Dr. U.Mohan Kumar

M.Pharm PhD

Professor & principal


  Mr. A Sreedhar


Assistant Professor


  Smt. A. Deepthi


Assistant Professor


  Mrs. I THEJA


Assistant Professor


Mr. N.V. Murali Krishna


Assistant Professor